Was Genghis Khan a Good Ruler?

Genghis Khan was one of the most successful military leaders in history. He conquered much of Asia and founded the Mongol Empire, which was the largest contiguous empire in history. Under his rule, the Mongol Empire became a powerful force in the world.

Why Some Consider Genghis a Good Ruler

Genghis Khan was an effective ruler because he was able to maintain peace and stability within his empire. He did this by uniting the various Mongol tribes under his rule and by instituting laws and systems that helped to bring about economic and social stability. He also established diplomatic relations with many of the empires surrounding his own. As a result, the Mongol Empire became a major power in the world during his lifetime.

Genghis Khan was known for being an innovative thinker, and he was willing to take risks in order to achieve his goals. He was also surprisingly tolerant of different cultures and religions, and he worked hard to maintain good relations with the people he conquered, which was quite unique for its time.

Mostly though, the reason why people consider Genghis a good ruler and the reason why so many people stayed loyal is that he introduced merit-based promotions.

No matter whether it was someone who was blood-related or a peasant, Genghis sought out intelligent, wise, and disciplined, and loyal people in his armies and court, which led to smooth administration and one of the most effective armies at that time.

Genghis valued loyalty above else. Even if he were enemies with someone, as long as they stayed true and loyal to their principles and the previous generals and kings, Genghis recruited skilled warriors, generals, craftsmen, and philosophers into his empire.

Why Some Consider Genghis Not a Good Ruler

On the other hand, Genghis Khan could be brutally efficient in achieving his objectives, and he was not afraid to use violence or threats of violence to get what he wanted. Ultimately, whether or not Genghis Khan was fair just depends on your perspective. However, there is no doubt that he was one of the most impressive military commanders in history.

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