Is Genghis Khan The Same as Chinggis Khan?

There is much debate surrounding the life of Genghis Khan. While “Genghis Khan” is the most commonly used name in the English-speaking world, historians will tell you that his real name/title was actually “Chinggis Khan.” The main piece of evidence supporting this claim is a document known as the Secret History of the Mongols, which was written soon after Genghis Khan’s death. In this document, he is referred to as “Chinggis Khan” throughout.

Chinggis Khaan is the correct pronunciation in Mongolia and if you want to be as authentic as possible.

What Was Genghis Khan’s Real Name?

The great Mongol ruler Genghis Khan was actually born with the name Temujin. He was born into a clan of nomads in present-day Mongolia around 1162. From a young age, he showed himself to be a brave and skilled warrior. In 1206, he was proclaimed Khan of the Mongols and was given the title Chinggis Khaan, meaning king of kings, and he began to forge an empire that would eventually stretch from China to Europe. Under his rule, the Mongols became an unstoppable force, sweeping across the steppes and conquering all who stood in their way. Even today, 800 years after his death, the legend of Genghis Khan lives on.

Acutal Meaning of Genghis Khan / Chinggis Khaan Title

The meaning of the name is actually derived from the Mongolian word for “universal ruler.” This is an apt description for the legendary leader, who was able to unify the disparate Mongol tribes and create an empire that stretched from China to Europe. The name Genghis Khan thus represents not only a great warrior but also a great statesman and diplomat. It is this duality that has made the name so famous and so revered centuries after his death.

How do You Pronounce Chinggis Khaan?

It’s pronounced Chin (like chin under someone’s lips) + geese (plural of goose).

Geese has a bit of a shorter pronunciation. And Khaan has a longer pronunciation than Khan.

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